Simplify Access to CJIS

Don’t let passwords and CJIS compliance interfere with protecting the public

Meeting the CJIS requirements should never get in the way of officers doing their job.  You need a smart solution that fulfills CJIS requirements and makes their job easier.  DigitalPersona can help your organization remain CJIS compliant while offering fast access to data.  We eliminate the need to type in passwords and user IDs.

DigitalPersona Pro Includes:

Flexible Authentication Options. Choose from a list of authentication options from fingerprint readers, smart cards, PIN, to one time password tokens.  Choose any combination of methods to fulfill the multifactor authentication requirement. Easily integrates with NetMotion Wireless.

Tokenless Remote VPN Logon. Secure remote access from squad cars via VPNs with one-time passwords (OTPs).  DigitalPersona Pro links one-time password function to other authentication credentials (fingerprint, Bluetooth phone) to eliminate the need to carry or type in OTP codes.  If a key fob or soft token from a smart phone is preferred, we offer those too.

Single Sign-on (SSO). SSO permits officers to authenticate (via methods below) one time, to access multiple applications.  SSO eliminates the need to have to authenticate each time a new application is accessed.  Unlike other products, DigitalPersona Pro’s SSO solution does not require you to purchase hardware boxes, customize existing applications or hire consultants to install.

Access Recovery. User locked out?  Choose from either IT assisted remote recovery or self-service recovery where users answer customized questions. No Network or internet connection required.

Shared Workstation – Fast, Secured Access. Switch users quickly when accessing applications from shared Windows accounts and enforce advanced authentication policies.  Officer’s credentials travel with them from car to any desk.

Password Randomization. Prevent users from being able to log into applications from uncontrolled devices and enforce advanced authentication by having DigitalPersona Pro automatically generate their passwords (up to 256 characters).  This fulfills the internal advanced authentication requirement and prevents users from using their own devices to log in.

The Solution

DigitalPersona authentication for shared workstations moves beyond antiquated password- and token-based applications to deliver unrivaled biometric security to healthcare IT administrators: Rapid and secure access to apps and patient EHR with Single Sign-On (SSO) convenience and a suite of auditory tools to ensure strict compliance.

Product Overview
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  • CJIS Deadline –
    September 30, 2014
    Start early to avoid losing CJIS access

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